Warmer Summers Mean Changing Cheese


Story after story has shown global warming's effects on everything from flowers to rivers to...kittens. However, this is the last straw - you don't mess with a man's cheese. NPR reports that many regional cheeses are changing in quality and taste as weather patterns have started to shift in cheese-making regions such as Vermont in North America and the French Alps in Europe. For cheesemakers, changing temperatures can cause changing diets for their cows:
The flora in the Alps is slowing changing, too. Pelletier is seeing plants native to the south of France seeking refuge in his own mountainous backyard. And a change in flora, he says, might someday change the taste of alpine cheese.

Maybe its time to visit your local cheesemaker (or make that trip to France) before the weather turns everything into cheddar.

::Via NPR

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