Want Good Fish? Think Salmon.


Sport fishing ought to be a big input for any locally produced, 100-mile (or any other radius) diet. It's been seldom discussed here; but we aim to correct that. Now...it's true that there are many water bodies from which no fish should be eaten due to pollution. It's also true that there are several species of sport fish that, with perhaps some few exceptions, should just not be eaten at all, such as carp. But the fact of the matter is that the bulk of the sport fish are just fine.

Every time you happen to turn on the local news you're going to see car crashes and home fires. Every time. So does that mean you should sleep out on the lawn and refuse to drive ever again? Of course not. Fishing is good!Some sport fishers have all the luck, "limiting out" on every other fishing expedition. Others are especially blessed by virtue of where they live. Take TreeHugger writer Tim for example. He's living the fly fishing capital of the universe: Montana. God's country. However, if there's one place to be where locally caught fish reign supreme, and pose a very low risk of contamination, it's the US Pacific Northwest. Think Salmon makes me soooo hungry.

Wish that the USA had a VP who loved salmon as much as political power.

Image credit: Will's Save the Salmon poster, Flickr, Think Salmon.