Walking Fish: Students Pioneer Sustainable Seafood Program

walking fish program supports sustainable seafood photo

Image credit: Walking Fish

From FishChoice's sustainable seafood finder to FishPhone's mobile seafood checklist, momentum seems to be building around more responsible fisheries management and consumption. (It's about time too!) Now students at Duke University in Durham, NC, are doing their part to help by teaming up with local fishing communities - offering a community supported fisheries program for students, faculty and local residents to buy responsible, sustainable seafood direct from the fishermen. Read on for more details.Describing itself as a Community Supported Fisheries program, Walking Fish aims to stimulate the local economy, foster a sense of community and partnership between North Carolina's rural and urban populations, and support stewardship and long-term management of the State's fisheries.

Members of the scheme will be asked to commit in advance to purchasing a full (3-5lbs) or half share (1-3lbs) of mixed seafood either weekly or bi-weekly, and can choose whether to receive fish filleted or just headed and gutted. The species supplied will vary according to availability but will most likely include summer flounder, mullet, shrimp, triggerfish, spot, hard clams, and black drum.

Great to see students stepping up for sustainable, local seafood and a vibrant economy!

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