Wal-Mart to Sell "Sustainable Shrimp"

At the end of our review of the Wal-Mart Effect we said "all of the green pronouncements in the world do not speak to their core customer, who is after always low prices, always." -When push came to shove, we thought Wal-Mart would not compromise it's traditional goal of delivering at the lowest possible price. Yet Wal-Mart sells fifty million pounds of shrimp per year, 40% of all the seafood it handles, and is now demanding it be harvested sustainably. According to SF Gate, "Under the company's new rules, the shrimp farms must be certified by Global Aquaculture Alliance or Aquaculture Certification Council as being farmed in environmentally sound ways."

Wal-Mart is also going to be selling more wild, domestic shrimp, even though it's more expensive, said Seafood VP Peter Redmond.

We earlier took shrimp off the menu, saying that there were few sustainable sources of shrimp, and have also noted that wild caught shrimp was not much better because of the issue of bycatch. Where is Wal-Mart going to find find fifty million pounds? ::SF Gate via ::Sustainable is Good