Waitrose Supermarket Commits to Fish Sustainability


Waitrose had already secured a few brownie points on the 'buy local' front, having sourced 89% of their food from home grown British providers. They are set to put another feather in their bonnet. They've announced they want to become "the first supermarket to convert all its fresh and smoked cod and haddock to being line caught." This means the fish have to be hooked, rather than scooped up indiscriminately in nets. The supermarket had already stopped selling some species that were being overfished, like orange roughy and Chilean sea bass. And recently they teamed up with the Soil Association, and the Marine Stewardship Council (who we mentioned back here) to ensure that the feedmeal provided to their farmed salmon was considered 'organic'. According to the Soil Association, organic salmon spends at least a year in the freshwater hatchery before growing slowly (on low fat feeds) for another two years at sea. The program has been called "perhaps the most unique sustainable seafood partnership yet". (It would seem that Waitrose do go to some trouble with their food supply. They even run their own farm, with free range chooks, and solar/wind powered chicken sheds!) ::Waitrose, via Fish Update and Shetland Marine News.