Volcano Island Honey

Here's the thing about the Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey: It's everything the name says. It's white. Yes, naturally white. No gimmicks. It's harvested from the Puako grove, a unique forest of Kiawe trees at sea level on the dry side of the Big Island. The honey is Organic, so no toxic materials are used at any point in its husbandry, harvest or production. And according to their website, they never feed sugar to their bee colonies. Wait. Does that mean that most beekeepers do? Gotta look that one up. In fact, there's a lot that I need to learn about honey production. VIHC also claims that they "harvest only surplus honey stored by the bees leaving the bees enough honey for their needs". Does that mean that most honey producers are poaching precious bee booty?Volcano Island employs community members in economically depressed areas and donates 1.5% of gross sales to socially and environmentally responsible non-profit organizations. On their website, they tell you everything, but this is my favorite bit: "VIHC is committed to managing business activities with integrity while creating and implementing employment procedures that encourage continuous personal growth and open, honest communication."

Personal growth, honest communication, and one of the worlds best tasting honeys? You can't beat that.::Volcano Island Honey[by Tamara Holt]