Where 100% organic wine, without its necessary added sulfur, doesn't pass the Treehugger taste test, Organic vodka is a fave and the best comes from right here in the USA. Most American vodka is made from cheap commodity grains, usually corn, and it's a serious bargain to make. Organic vodka, on the other hand, is an expensive process. It is distilled from grains or potatoes that are selected and blended for their particular characteristics, and brewed by one of the few small certified distillers.

Such is the case with OrangeV. So what's with the "Orange"? Well, that's the bonus—and sort of a drawback. The vodka is flavored Orange. It's not the wimpy orange essence of the typical Os, but strong natural citrus taste that comes from a blend of valencias, mandarins, and tangerines. If you like the orange vodka combo, you'll be all over it. The catch is that the fruits are not organic. It would simply put OV out of business.

This is one of those typical situations where the producer simply CAN'T do it perfectly. But what you get is a great tasting bottle of booze and get to support organic farmers and an organic distiller. When you give up electricity, I'll let you complain.
[by Tamara Holt]