Viral Organic Farm Rap Video... from England (Video)

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We've seen rapping physicians railing against speeding, and even a hip-hop take on bike sharing schemes. But this might be the first time we've seen rapping organic farmers from the West of England. The resulting video is a pretty strange beast...The song—performed by Yeo Boyz featuring Lil' Massey—is part of a new ad campaign by Yeo Valley Organic, the UK's leading organic dairy brand. Featuring a crew of implausibly good looking farmers, and a pretty nifty dancing owl, the song seems to have taken the UK by storm. The YouTube version is currently showing well over a million views, and the song was even made available on iTunes due to popular request.

It'll be interesting to see how this thing plays with an international audience, which in my experience tends to be somewhat sceptical of English rap, let alone English rap from organic farmers. ("I'm lookin' girrt in my cap and shirt" will probably not mean much to folks unfamiliar with West Country dialect.) Directed by Canadian Julien Lutz, it's clear Yeo Valley put a lot of money into this venture. And as the "making of" video included below explains, the plan was to take domestically produced organic yogurt out of its worthy niche markets and firmly into the mainstream. If the popularity of this campaign is anything to go by, they might just succeed.

As someone who grew up in the West Country though, I do have to ask... what's with the London accents!? ("Big up your chest, represent the West" indeed...)

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