Vertical Farming System Among Best Inventions of 2009

valcent vertical farming system photo

Image credit: Valcent

John already wrote about Valcent's vertical farming systems back in 2008, and I was excited to learn about a pilot vertical farm project at a UK zoo. So news that Valcent's vertical farming system has been named as the 16th best invention of 2009 by Time Magazine was bound to catch our interest. Valcent's innovative growing solutions even featured at the unveiling of the World's tallest building in Dubai, though don't worry, it doesn't seem to have been a pitch for what Adam Stein calls "pie-in-the-sky" skyscraper farming. Valcent was part of a workshop held by the Dubai Forum called "Architecture for Sustainable Societies" that was being held to mark the opening of the Burj Dubai. Tom Bentley, Director, Business Development for Valcent told the gathering:

"In the coming decades, as global agriculture faces the prospect of our changing climate and the challenge of feeding the world's population that is growing annually at about 1.3% and projected to double its present level of 6.5 billion by 2063, we clearly need to invest in research and infrastructure solutions that provide food to regions vulnerable to food deficits. The world population is growing, food supply is shrinking, water supplies are becoming more limited, and food production is competing for land with housing and the production of fuel crops. We have to make better use of available land."

With Solarcentury expanding into the Middle East, Al Jazeera showing an interest in Transition Towns, and permaculture activism alive and well in Jordan, there's been some interesting eco-news coming out of the Middle East recently. With climate change set to put pressure on the region, it's great to see moves to explore alternatives. Besides, I heard some crazy rumours somewhere that oil might not last forever either.

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