Vertical Farm + Fish Tank + Solar Power = Balanced Diet

inka system closed loop vertical farm

Inka Biospheric systems

It has been a science fiction dream: the completely integrated, closed loop system "micro-farm." And we get it with the Inka Curve, a vertical minifarm that provides herbs, grasses, fruits or vegetables grown on a vertical "bio-quilt."

inka sun curve vertical farm system photo wall

But these need nutrients, which come from fish poop. But fish tanks need cleaning and aerating, and the vertical farm needs pumped water which requires power; that comes from wind turbines and solar panels, stored in a battery bank.

So the fish poop provides nutrients for the garden, all powered by the sun, using 10% of the water of conventional farming. The bacteria in the bioquilt of the vertical farm break down the nutrients and purify the water so that it can be returned to the fish tank, providing a balanced diet of protein and green vegetables on an incredibly small footprint. It is a dream kitchen addition that means we will never have to go out food shopping again.

inka sun curve vertical farm system photo fish

The Sun Curve can store enough power in its battery bank to run a built-in water pump and ultra-violet filtration system in addition to powering a lap-top computer or cell phone. This model was originally designed to support remote medical clinics.

inka sun curve vertical farm system photo batteries

No soil is used in the growing process. Plants are planted as seedlings and provided with water and nutrients from the fish, which aids vegetation production rather than root production. This generally increases the standard growth-rate of growth of plants.

David Bealby of Inka Biospheric Systems from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

I spoke with David Bealby, who markets the system, at the San Francisco Green Festival.

inka sun curve vertical farm system photo interior

Don't have the money for a system with solar, wind and fish? They sell a basic vertical garden for three hundred bucks, complete with everything you need. More at Inka Biospheric Systems

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