Vermont Governor, Local Food & Consumers Fight Fast Food Giant for Attacking 'Eat More Kale' (Video)

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How hard is it for corporations to understand that when they do something that is overwhelmingly evil corporation-y, the public will inevitably hate them for it? Case in point: Chick-fil-A, the fast food company, decided to take serious legal action against, wait for it ... a guy in Vermont who handscreens t-shirts and sells them around town.

Yes, the now-infamous legal action is targets a folk artist named Bo Muller-Moore, who has printed t-shirts displaying the slogan "Eat More Kale" since 2000. Chick-fil-A claims that said slogan is too similar to their "Eat Mor Chikin" slogan, and therefore Muller-Moore must cease and desist. Instead of complying, Muller-Moore has decided to fight the mammoth fast food corporation. And, as Alex detailed in his post on the story, the move has swiftly snowballed into one of those corporate David vs Goliath battles where everyone is cheering for David--and hates Goliath.

Muller-Moore has been flooded with support. The local food movement, which is highlighting his story to convey the importance of local produce and the power wielded by industrial food, has rallied to his side. Local business groups and politicians in Vermont are working pro bono to help him ward off the legal attack. Consumers are voicing their support with dollars, buying the shirts in record numbers. Hell, even the state's governor just issued some strong words defending 'Eat More Kale', and issued a warning to the fast food giant.

Muller-Moore also enjoys the support of everyone who hates it when corporations do stupid, asshole-ish things. This brazen example of overreach is exactly the kind of thing that inspires backlash against corporate greed--and in a cultural moment marked by elevated awareness about such malfeasance, it's good to see local food, politicians, and ordinary people standing up against it. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this: as the influence of Occupy Wall Street-style dissent reverberates through mainstream culture, there will be more resistance against blatant acts of corporate misconduct.

Vermont Governor, Local Food & Consumers Fight Fast Food Giant for Attacking 'Eat More Kale' (Video)
After the multibillion dollar fast food company Chick-Fil-A took legal action against a man who hand-screens t-shirts for a living, the local food movement--and the governor of Vermont--came to his aid.

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