Vere Chocolate Has Nothing to Hide


This past weekend we were treated to some darn good chocolate. Not only did we have a taste, but we also ate most of what came in our package (a very large one, we admit). Manhattan-based Vere (pronounced "very") prides themselves on being a chocolate company for the modern consumer. They promote quality, health and ecological benefits, while not sacrificing a bit of flavor. Vere uses a single varietal, sustainably grown and harvested bean found only in the Ecuadorian rainforest. These beans are certified by the Rainforest Alliance to be grown without pesticides and in accordance to standards that protect the rainforest and the farmers who grow them. Vere's packaging is so aesthetically pleasing and it shows the company is in favor of a clean look that boldly declares what's inside because, well, they really have nothing to hide. All of Vere's chocolates are gluten free and many are vegan. They use organic, local and sustainable products like nuts, eggs and dairy and statistics show that Vere chocolate has double the antioxidants of standard dark chocolate. Does this mean it might be good for you? Hmm. We bet that once you have a bite of Vere chocolate, you'll feel the same way we do. ::Vere