VegOut: Vegetarian Dining Guides by City


As if arsenic in chicken, reducing global warming, and associating with sexy men like Prince and Chris Martin weren't enough reason to be a vegetarian, we now have the Veg Out:Vegetarian Dining Guides to prod the more carnivorous souls among us to check out eating food without consuming meat. The series focuses exclusively on the myriad restaurants, markets and cafés of a given geographical region; a rating for each restaurant is provided, along with price, cuisine, location, and contact information, plus more details about each venue’s culinary offerings. They've got a good bit of the major metropolitan centers in the US covered, with guides to New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver/Salt Lake City, Seattle & Portland, San Francisco and Southern California currently available. Your area not on the list yet? Don't fret; they claim that guides are in the works for all major cities throughout the US and the world, with four new guides published each year. Up next are Florida and Texas, followed by Toronto & Montreal, Atlanta & The Southeast, New England, London, Paris, Rome, New Mexico & Arizona, Lower Midwest, Hawaii, Mexico, Germany, Tokyo & Hong Kong and more. Updates to current restaurants can be submitted through their website, where the guides can be purchased as well. ::Veg Out: Vegetarian Dining Guides via ::3r Blogging

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