Vegin' Out in Los Angeles


We have a longtime friend who works for a cool new company called Vegin’ Out located in L.A, CA. We only recently found out that he’s been promoting the company and we wrote him to ask what it was all about. Vegin’ Out is a vegan meal delivery service that is affordable and downright delicious. The concept is simple: order all of your meals for the week, have it delivered and enjoy. All their ingredients are made fresh and are mostly organically grown. Also what’s great is that their menu changes on a weekly basis so you don’t have to worry about the same meal over and over. Can’t break free from your desk or daily routine? Vegin’ Out delivers to your office as well with take-out containers from NatureWorks that are 100% corn-based. Their goal: to assist you in creating a healthy and nutritious lifestyle by delivering low-fat, cholesterol-free meals. Make sure you check out Brian’s hilarious blog on the site…a carnivore turned vegan for 30 days. Nice work Patton! ::Vegin’ Out

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