Veggie Wash — Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Most of us wash our produce with water when we bring it home from the store. But TreeHugger got a hold of a bottle of Veggie Wash and we have to say that we felt a little more at ease when we sliced into our cucumber. Veggie Wash is 100% natural and uses ingredients from corn, coconut and citrus to remove wax, pesticides, soil, toxins and fingerprints from both standard and organic products. To wash, we simply sprayed Veggie Wash on our produce, scrubbed a little with our hands and then rinsed. We haven't tried it on our "softer" fruits and vegetables yet, like strawberries, lettuce and broccoli. The instructions suggest filling a sink with water, then adding ¼ cup of Veggie Wash and finally "agitating" your produce in the mixture. Unless you have a good amount of soft produce to wash, we're not sure filling a whole sink with water is very eco so we might just stick with our harder vegetables. ::Veggie Wash