Vegetarians Have A Slight Cost-Of-Living Edge This Summer; Locavores Perhaps Moreso

tilapia farm photo

Tilapia pond, fish farm. Image credit:Flickr, Old Shoe Woman

Everyone already knows that this summer food prices will increase by several percent. China is eating itself out of house and home. Floods in Australia and drought in Russia reduced world grain stocks tremendously. Oil, vital to global commodity distribution, is going 'up with Libya.'

As Reuters reports, veggies and fruits are going to go up in price less than muscle tissue. (Fish hardly matter for people on a tight budget because all the tasty species are being extirpated - unless you enjoy Tilapia and catfish) .

In its new forecast, USDA said food will rise party due to higher costs for meats, poultry and fish, which make up 12.5 percent of total food spending. Overall, costs for these items are forecast to rise 4 percent.

Prices for fruits and vegetables, which account for 8.4 percent of food spending, also will rise 3.5 percent. Dairy is forecast up 5 percent and sugar and sweets up 3 percent.

Net effect: US meat eaters are going to pay a half-percent more than vegematarians for their preferred foodstuff, on average. I'm guessing this small difference, a half-percent, is mainly due to shipping cost increases relative to winter imports.

If you eat local, you can probably up your lead over the meat heads significantly, from half a percent to who knows what?

I know I'm going to start planning my garden layout this coming week. How about you?