Vegan Organic Agriculture: Is Your Carrot Really Vegan?

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Image credit: Vegan Organic Network
Agriculture With No Animal Inputs
I am no vegan, but I do understand that with the environmental impacts of meat being such a concern, a vegan diet can be very sustainable. Even cutting back on consumption with meat free Mondays, or becoming a weekday vegetarian, can make a huge difference (although let's not forget that some say grass fed beef can help fight climate change too!). But one thing has always bothered me - if vegans are advocating the elimination of all animal agriculture, then how do we maintain soil fertility? After all, no livestock means no (non-human) poop. So is that carrot really vegan after all?My wife has always rolled her eyes when I make that argument - there goes Sami nit-picking again. But I think it's an important point. If you're going to advocate for an animal free food system, then we'd best make sure that that animal free food system really works. Luckily, for vegans at least, I am not the only one who preoccupies himself with this concern. The Vegan Organic Agriculture movement (also known as Stockfree Organic) aims to promote agricultural and horticultural techniques that avoid all animal inputs - whether it's fish meal, bone meal, manure or slaughter house remains. Of course, being organic, artificial chemicals are off the menu too - and presumably keeping honeybees for pollination. Here's more from the UK based Vegan Organic Network:

From large farms to window boxes, we show farmers and home growers how to use vegan-organic methods. Our supporters include people of many viewpoints, some involved in growing food, some not, but all united in recognising the need for a fundamental restructuring of food production methods and land use and their importance for human well-being and social justice, for animal welfare and biodiversity and in the battle for environmental sustainability.

Through its Stockfree Organic Services wing, the organization even certifies produce as being grown using vegan organic methods - meaning you can now indeed get a certified vegan carrot. I'm going to have to find some other argument to annoy my wife with...

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