Vegan Fake Meat Photo Scandal to Prompt First Vegan Stock Image Library?

vegan burger photo

Image credit: SweetOnVeg, used under Creative Commons license.

When I wrote about the outrage over vegan magazine VegNews' use of meat-based stock photography, many commenters were surprised that the editors had not reached out to the many talented vegan photographers and bloggers out there to create their own image library. It seems someone over at VegNews has been listening, because that is exactly what they now plan to do. Better late than never. With coverage of the meat as fake meat photo scandal making the pages of the New York Times, it's little surprise that the publishers have stepped up with a full and frank apology. While their early response was more explanation than contrition, a later communication from the VegNews editorial team sets out a more conciliatory tone, and lays out their plans for putting things right:

Here's our commitment to you:
• Recipes in VegNews will be represented only by custom vegan photography.
Count on it.
• All stock images used in the magazine and website will be vegan. We will make
sure so that you can be sure.
• VegNews will build and host a vegan photo bank to assure the availability of vegan
stock images. Look for details in the coming days.

As a meat eater who likes fake meat and enjoys vegetarian and vegan food and food writing, I'm particularly excited to see a new resource for quality vegan photography come out of this sorry mess. It should make our job at TreeHugger a lot easier too. I bet Jessika wishes this had existed when she put together her slideshow on 10 ways to enjoy fake meat.

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