Vegan Competitive Eating Hits Austin

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Competitive Eating Goes Green?!
This might be the first time TreeHugger has written about competitive eating, and that’s no surprise really. The idea of stuffing down as much food as possible in as small amount of time as possible is about as un-TreeHugger as you can get in these days of food crisis and tortilla riots. But what if this most gluttonous of pastimes were used to promote a more planet-friendly diet? That seems to be the thinking behind Austin’s Veggie Dog Contest, where competitors will line up to help eat 1500 veggie dogs and 14 gallons of vegan ice cream:
“Contestants this year include last year's solo competitor champion, Colin "the Tim Duncan of competitive eating" Kalmbacher. Colin, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and vegan for six years says, "What is more Austin than a bunch of vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores, all alongside each other, gorging themselves on hundreds of soy dogs for the sheer insanity of it?"

While we are aware that vegan diets tend to be healthier for the planet (some say a low meat diet can be just as green) we’re still not entirely convinced by this orgy of excess (and processed soy). Having said that, it does look like participants had a lot of fun – and other events organized by the strangely titled ILoveMikeLitt group, from vegan arm wrestling to electric scooter giveaways certainly suggests their heart is in the right place. Whether the same can be said for their stomachs is another matter…

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