Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Tempura Asparagus Sushi (Video)

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"The power of seitan compels you..."

From a totally meat- and dairy-free pad thai to a rather oxymoronic sounding vegan redneck medley, the Vegan Black Metal Chef has already won legions of fans around the Globe. His latest episode may be his best yet, as Brian Manowitz makes vegan tempura asparagus sushi.

While I was a huge fan of episode one, and have been known to headbang myself from time to time, I must confess I thought the concept would get old pretty quick. Yet I find myself increasingly enamored, not with the novelty, nor the music, but the quality of the cooking and the sharp sense of humor.

If only more cooking shows were this fun to watch. With nearly 34,000 viewers for episode 3, it looks like there are others out there who agree. Oh, and if you want to get a knife like Brian's, now you can find them at the Vegan Black Metal Chef website. I heard Kelly, our resident weekday vegetarian, has been asking for one for her birthday.

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