Vegan Black Metal Chef Goes Viral. 1 Million Views! (Video)

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It's amazing how quick the internet can make you feel behind the times. Given all of our recent discussion of what a vegan world looks like, and whether veganic farming is viable, you'd think we'd be all over a video called "Vegan Black Metal Chef, episode 1". Since it was posted a few short weeks ago, the thing has gone viral—attracting well over 1 million views already—and now this chef from the dark side is even being interviewed in the Washington Post. It's all part of a new trend in extreme cooking videos, apparently.

Given that many greenies believe that cooking may be the most important eco-art of all, it's good to see folks reinventing the concept of the cooking show and finding different ways to attract an audience. Monica Hesse over at the Washington Post took some time to go shopping with the Vegan Black Metal Chef (aka Brian Manowitz), and talk about the new trend of extreme cooking shows:

"People have said, 'You should put this on the Food Network,' " says Brian Manowitz. (Vegan Black Metal Chefs are usually not born as such, and sometimes they are born as nice Jewish boys in Tampa named Brian Manowitz.) "I don't know if the Food Network would really be interested."

Now I must confess that I had always associated veganism with hardcore punk, or hippy folk music, but not necessarily black metal. Nevertheless, says Hesse, there is an obvious connection. Afterall, she argues, "there is no group of people who are as indignantly self-righteous, as comically misunderstood or as regularly mocked as black metal fans -- unless it is vegans."

The show is part of a broader trend that includes the ultra-violent Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime and the bacon-heavy Epic Mealtime, but this might be the first eco-themed extreme cooking show out there. (Unless anyone knows of more!)

TreeHugger is currently exploring whether we can get our own Weekday Vegetarian Kelly Rossiter or Green Wine enthusiasts Jerry and Jaymi to don chainmail and rock out with the horned one.

Oh, and if anyone has ever wondered about the difference between Black Metal and Death Metal, Manowitz is happy to explain. It's all in the voice. Death Metal, he says, sounds like Cookie Monster—Black Metal sounds like Donald Duck.

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