Vegan Black Metal Chef, Episode 2 (Video)


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"The potatoes are done when easily pierced with a mystical knife."

Given the popularity of Vegan Black Metal Chef, episode 1, it should be little surprise that episode 2 is already clocking up some major views on YouTube. What may be more of a surprise, to those who think of Black Metal as nothing but doom and gloom at least, is that the Vegan Black Metal Chef (aka Brian Manowitz) is actually pretty witty—in his own not-so-understated-way way. This time around he is making comfort food of the ages&mdas;mashed potatoes, baked beans and corn. And, true to form, he shows the potatoes no mercy.

Calling it the "all star redneck medley", Manowitz walks us through how to spice up some simple mashed potatoes, beans and corn. It's hardly the height of culinary innovation, but given the environmental benefits of eating less meat, it's good to see a meat- and dairy-free cooking show that busts out of the usual worthy stereotypes and has some fun while doing it.

Now that even the culinary raconteur Anthony Bourdain has been espousing the benefits of eating less meat, it is starting to feel like there is a cultural shift going on in the West—perhaps not toward veganism—but certainly to making meat a less central part of our diet.

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is doing his part to make that happen. And he's rocking out in the process.

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