Vanishing of the Bees: Film Documents Ongoing Honeybee Decline (Video)

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Honeybees have had a hard time of late. Yet while Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was all over the news last year, this year the media have found other crises to focus on. Sadly, that doesn't mean the problem has gone away—in fact, Planet 100 reported only this week that honeybee colonies are continuing to disappear at alarming rates. Now, on the eve of Honeybee Awareness Day (Saturday 21st August), a new documentary is hoping to shed light on the phenomenon—and illustrate the human toll it is taking in the process.Much like The Last Beekeeper, the strength of Vanishing of the Bees appears to be its focus on not just the science behind CCD, or the natural impacts that honeybee declines will have. Rather, the film makers recognize the absolutely central role that honeybees play in our economies, our cultures, and ultimately our very survival:

"Vanishing of the Bees follows commercial beekeepers David Hackenberg and Dave Mendes as they strive to keep their bees healthy and fulfill pollination contracts across the U.S. The film explores the struggles they face as the two friends plead their case on Capital Hill and travel across the Pacific Ocean in the quest to protect their honeybees.

Filming across the US, in Europe, Australia and Asia, this documentary examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth. As scientists puzzle over the cause, organic beekeepers indicate alternative reasons for this tragic loss. Conflicting options abound and after years of research, a definitive answer has not been found to this harrowing mystery."

It's also good to see the film makers tackling the incredible pressures that our industrialized model of beekeeping has placed on our furry flying friends. Starting tomorrow on National Honeybee Awareness Day (August 21), Directors' Maryam Henein and George Langworthy will launch events and activities nationwide through environmental groups, ngo's, beekeeping associations, chefs, gardening clubs, women's alliances, and others to help teach people in their communities about the plight of the honeybee and what can be done to save them. In the meantime, the trailer below gives a little teaser of what's to come. (Read on for further links on CCD and honeybee decline.)

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