Vancouver 'Podmob" Brings The Carrotmob Concept To Sustainable Sushi

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San Francisco-based Carrotmob's great idea to organize consumer spending to really work for the environment is leaping and growing all over the globe.

In Vancouver, organizer Emily Jubenvill decided that because she loved and ate so much sushi, getting a local restaurant to highlight the best sustainable choices for sushi was her goal. As an unofficial offshoot of Carrotmob, Jubenvill decided to call her group a 'podmob' and started busily visiting all the sushi restaurants in her West End Vancouver neighborhood to see who would take the bait. She approached 15 restaurants, but very few had heard anything about 'sustainable sushi' - though all were at least intrigued by the idea of a mob of customers showing up on a scheduled day - November 20 - ready and willing to eat a lot of sushi. So what happened?

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Red, yellow, green at the sushi bar
Sushi Bento Express on Robson Street in Vancouver's West End won the podmob challenge by pledging to commit 31 percent of its day's profits toward adopting a 'avoid', 'good alternative', 'best choice' rating system for their sushi seafood. Jubenvill also asked the restaurant to use the 31 percent of the day's take to green operations in other ways - look for energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation and greener purchasing methods that can be applied.

Once word got out, the sustainable restaurant folks at the Green Table Network also offered the podmobbed business a year of membership to their organization in order to get tips and tricks for how to get greener.

In the meantime, Sushi Bento Express enjoyed an 85% increase in revenues on the night of the podmob, and approximately 100 West Enders kept the restaurant busy all night buying sushi and sampling the special 'sustainable sushi combo' menu created just for that day (and now on the menu full time). They also upped their contribution from the day's take to 33%.

Now Sushi Express Bento menus will have special green, yellow and red dots to show which are the yes, no, go slow choices in sushi. They'll get a list of suggestions for further greening from Green Table. Go wild salmon sushi, go! Via:
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