Value Shift: Wolfgang Puck Joins Forces With Humane Society


Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck does more than just whip up delightful organic meals, his $300 million a year empire feeds over 10 million customers worldwide. After today, those customers will only be served sustainable catch seafood, organic produce, and meat from progressive animal welfare-compliant farms. A popular icon in the gourmet food industry, Wolfgang has been criticized by animal welfare groups in the past for his use of foie gras, which involves the force-feeding of geese and ducks. He also stated his restaurants will no longer use pork or calves that have been kept in crates, and refrain from using eggs from caged hens on his menus.

We use organic vegetables already. We want to use humanely treated animals, and we want to be responsible citizens.

Chef Puck isn't concerned about the price increase of 5% to comply with these new social values.

[our guests] want to know where the food comes from and how the animals were raised

It seems like not too long ago, and maybe it's just my generation, but meat was something that came in plastic wrap in the refrigerator section of the mega-mart. I had no idea where it came from, and hardly associated it with any kind of animal.

The change of values by such a prominent chef underlines the value shift many Americans (me included) are going through with their food. Hopefully, we will get to a point where we cease to think of raising animals in a crate, force feeding them corn, and then selling them as cheap as possible as a sustainable approach to agriculture, or cuisine. ::Reuters