UWisconsin Oshkosh Bans KFC on Campus

Syracuse Student Signs Petition to Ban KFC on Campus Photo

Syracuse U Student Signs Similar Petition to Ban KFC on Campus. Image via: Flickr.com

Man, college students can be demanding. Asking for fair trade this, and free-range that. Well when college students at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh found out that a 6-year contract with KFC was under negotiation, it really gave them something to whine about.After Burger King left town, students were asked what could possibly take its spot in the marketplace, and the survey said: KFC. Soon the Colonel and the campus were in negotiations and just before they were about to put pen to paper, some sustainability students and faculty on campus got wind of the deal and decided to stir things up.

Invoking the Campus Sustainability Plan that UW-Oshkosh has in place and also reminding the school that its food vendor, Sodexho, also has a similar commitment to sustainability in food (namely: organic; locally grown; fair trade; and humane treatment of animals), the students reminded the school that this deal just wouldn't be right.

To further prove their case, these sleuthing college students with too much time on their hands and too many ideals, researched the issue and found out that KFC, especially KFC-USA, seems to be mostly a lot of squawking but not much walking when it comes to implementing their animal welfare policies. The students circulated petitions and generated over 450 signatures in just a few days. They submitted their findings and their signatures to their advisory council and all but one official voted in their favor, agreeing to cancel the contract with KFC.

The 6-year deal was thrown out and the school has chosen not to do business with KFC. They are currently looking for alternatives, including vendors that offer more vegetarian and vegan options. :UWisconsin Oshkosh
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