Use Organic Agriculture to Fight Climate Change, EU Official Says

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photo: Jennifer Dickert via flickr

Regular TreeHugger readers may already be on top of the 'organic agriculture is better for you and the planet' meme, but it seems lately that more and more international policy officials are joining in: The UNEP recently did, and now the EU's commissioner for agriculture has as well. The New York Times quotes Mariann Fischer Boel as saying,

Let's keep using organic agriculture as ammunition against the problem of climate change. Let's be clear: If we want to hit our greenhouse gas targets, we need all the ammunition we can get.

EU ag officials cited the usual suspects as for why organic food production has lower carbon emissions than non-organic agriculture and is more adaptable to climatic conditions: Non-chemical fertilizers, more carbon retained in the soil, better water retention and soil stability.

Organic Ag Removes 7,000 Pounds CO2 per Acre
According to the Rodale Institute, organic agricuture can remove 7,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere per acre every year. If the US converted all of its cropland to organic techniques it would be the equivalent of eliminating 217 million cars from the roads.

via: New York Times
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