USAID's 'New Vision of Agriculture' Unsurprisingly Like the Old Vision of Industrial Monoculture

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This should come to no surprise to anyone even casually familiar with how cosy ever recent US administration has been with Big Ag (and Monsanto in particular): GM Watch reports that at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland the director of USAID stood beside CEOs from Monsanto and other ag giants to push a "New Vision of Agriculture"--which really ought to be called at this point the Old Vision of Agriculture, based on proprietary corporate-controlled crops, high levels of chemical pesticide and fertilizer usage, and a general conquer the Earth mentality.

The Pesticide Action Network really nails the analysis here:

I think it's no coincidence that this week's bare-faced embrace of corporate solutions follows directly on Obama's State of the Union speech. On that day, our president signaled clearly his intention to push neoliberal trade agreements and U.S. exports as the solution to our country's woes. Never mind that fast-tracking trade liberalization has harmed, not helped, farmers and workers in the U.S. By restricting poor governments' ability to manage domestic food production and supply, it also undermines efforts to strengthen global food and livelihood security.

As the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy explains, "Trade and food security policy should focus on rebuilding local food systems in the North and South. This does not mean abandoning trade or closing markets, but considering ways to ensure that trade complements, rather than substitutes for, local food production."

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