Uruguayan De La Cruz Organic Wine

For all you Sideways lovers and wine freaks, we bring Uruguayan De La Cruz wines, made from organic grapes cultivated without the use of fertilizers, but with natural products such as sulphate of copper and sulfur. This process guarantees the conservation of the earth's fertility, and has given the company the first Certification of Ecological Warehouse in South America.
More yet, De La Cruz claims to be the first manufacturer to make wine apt for diabetics: after a a series of tests in people with this condition, they say they verified that the wines did not detect sugar, had a low carbohydrate tenor, low glycemia index, and normal levels in the rest of the values.
The company exports its variétés to the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. All contact information for each location can be found at the website (in Spanish). ::De La Cruz Wines.