Urban Moonshine Suggests Adding Traditional Bitters to Your Healthy, Holiday Cocktails

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So you've tried organic beers, wines and spirits, but still need something to liven up your weekly routine, or something to give your traditional drink an extra kick when served to guests this holiday season? Urban Moonshine wants you to give their Bitters a try - they'll not only add a special hint of something to your drink (alcoholic or non) but they'll also cure upset stomachs and aid in digestion all at the same time. Urban Moonshine, located in Burlington, Vermont, wants to bring back the idea of adding bitters to food and drink, and they've come up with some tempting concoctions to tempt your palette. With names like Immunity Zoom and Chocolate Love, why not give bitters a try. Better yet, leave a few out at your holiday party and let your guests mix and match their own bitter cocktails.

What are Bitters?

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While bitters add flavor to any food or drink, they're also aiding your health at the same time. These organically grown herbs are known to lessen hangovers, ease acid reflux and even help the body assimilate nutrients and help the liver in cleaning out your system. According to Urban Moonshine,
"Bitters have been found to support liver function and detoxification; tone and repair the digestive tract; regulate the secretion of hormones involved in blood sugar balance; and reduce cholesterol by increasing its elimination from the body."

Years ago, bitters were used to both calm your stomach and aid in digestion of a meal, but were also used as a way to celebrate and invite mindfulness into each meal. Up until the 1880's, bitters were included in just about every mixed drink, and Urban Moonshine has come up with three flavors - original, citrus and maple, that should be a nice addition to any martini, old-fashioned or manhattan. Today, with the increased interest in organic and slow food, Urban Moonshine thinks that it's time to bring back another tradition - adding bitters to each meal.

Here's a bitter holiday recipe from Urban Moonshine to try at your next dinner or cocktail party:
The Urban Moonshine Cocktail

  • 1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

  • 1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

  • 3 oz Reeds Ginger Brew

  • 3 oz Organic Vodka

  • 5 dashes Organic Moonshine Citrus Bitters

  • Muddled Fresh Ginger to taste

For more recipe ideas or to purchase Urban Moonshine bitters, check them out online : Urban Moonshine. You can purchase them in spray and in dropper bottles.

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