Urban Goat Farming in Inner-City Kansas City (Video)

urban goat and diy milking stand photo

Image credit: The Urban Farming Guys

I've been following with interest the story of 20 suburban families who uprooted for inner-city urban farming in Kansas City. From setting up a faith-based urban farming non-profit to their video instructions on how to make biogas with a DIY anaerobic digester, these guys are pushing hard for community-based solutions for hunger, poverty and social exclusion. Their latest video shows how one family are farming goat milk, right in the heart of Kansas City—including some great tips on building a DIY goat milking stand with little more than some piping, plywood, a bucket and a bolt. OK, so this was clearly shot on someone's phone, and the videography is not quite up to the usual standards from The Urban Farming Guys. but true to their tag line of "sharing knowledge, feeding the nations", these folks always include some great, specific information about what they are doing, and why.

Here we see how one family milks Boogie—their dwarf Nigerian goat—and we get to hear a little more about goat breeding and milking, as well as how to build a low-tech, low-weight goat milking stand using some regular PVC plumbing pipe. (Given the environmental hazards of PVC, they might want to consider some alternatives too...)

We'll be looking out for more great footage from The Urban Farming Guys—though I'm hoping they remember to bring a real camera next time...

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