Urban Gardens, Farms, Bees and Chickens are All Growing Community (Video)

urban farming gardening and beekeeping photo

Image credit: Proudfoot7

From families leaving the suburbs for inner-city farming to the renaissance of urban agriculture in Detroit, we've seen plenty of examples of communities that are taking food production into their own hands and creating abundance among the concrete and asphalt. I've just come across a pilot for a new TV show that seeks to connect the dots—charting how backyard gardeners, beekeepers, community farmers and cooperative smallholders are coming together to transform the way we look at food. As a pilot, this first taster of Growing Communities focuses on members of Transition Town Lewes in England—the same folks who brought us this rather catchy video and rap about our dependence on oil—and discusses everything from individuals keeping chickens in old playhouses in their backyards, through urban beekeepers in their local graveyard, to a collective artists studio that has transformed the land around it into a community garden.

If successfully picked up, Growing Communities plans to hit the road—visiting urban and rural communities across the length and breadth of Britain to discover how people are reconnecting with their food supply, and growing connections with their neighbors in the process. Looks like inspiring stuff—I'm excited to see if it gets into production.

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