Update on Tainted Pet Food: We Are Next

When last we wrote about this subject we titled it "Tainted Pet Food: We could be Next" and expressed concern that "Is the human food system so different? Do all industrially farmed pigs or cows get some additive or drug that could come back to harm us, all over the country, all at once?"

It turns out we were not too far off. Melamine, the plastic ingredient that mimics protein in testing, has been found in chicken feed in Indiana, and Tyson Foods has sent 200 hogs to the knacker because they were fed tainted pet food. The melamine appears to have been added to wheat gluten exported from China, although China and the manufacturer still deny it. As the graphs show, more food is being imported, but of the 8.9 million shipments of food from China last year, less than two percent were sampled.

Aaron Newton at Groovy Green gets it right: "We can shut our eyes and go on eating McChicken sandwiches, we can gamble and bite down on plastic wrapped spinach and we can pray to God that our infants aren’t drinking contaminated formula. Or we can make change."

Stop buying manufactured food, buy local and cook it yourself, look your farmer in the eye. That is the only way to be sure your food is safe. ::New York Times

Graph enlarged below the fold.


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