Update: Campus Lawn Becomes No-Dig Permaculture Garden (Video)

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Anyone who has spent time on a univesity or college campus, or a corporate campus for that matter, knows that there is a lot of lawn that is often used for, well, very little. That's presumably why folks got excited when we posted a video on how UMass Amherst was transforming a campus lawn into a 1/4 acre no-dig garden, growing food for the student cafeteria in the process. But how is the project doing?

The video above was clearly shot in the Spring, but already we see new plant growth turning a once barren lawn into a productive food-growing system. And while the group's own video 3-part documentary of the project does not appear to have progressed past part 1 that we posted last time, their wordpress blog about permaculture on the university campus paints a picture of a thriving, verdant growing scene.

From working with kids in local schools to creating a medicinal herb garden for University Health Services to plans for Fall 2011 that include cultivation of a new 3000sq.ft piece of land on campus.

As with so many on-campus sustainability projects, from ASU's solar parking lot to college farms, the real value lies not just in the food grown or energy produced, but in the lessons learned too.

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