UnTreeHugger Food For Halloween

Lloyd's Climate Mash post has put us in the mood for Halloween. Now we need to plan the feast. After a bit of research in the deepest web covered caves of the US Federal Drug Agency (FDA) we've located a list of Halloween food ingredients sure to make us crave some organic food. It's called the "Everything" Added to Food in the United States" (EAFUS) database. No Treats: Just Delicious Tricks. A US Tradition since the late 1950's. And, we're not kidding. Our favorite ingredient on EAFUS just has to be the ALPHA-ACETOLACTATE DECARBOXYLASE ENZYME PREPARATION FROM BACILLUS SUBTILIS RECOMBINANT. Not in the mood for some of that? How about the understated elegance of BUTADIENE-STYRENE RUBBER? Yum.