We all know that excess packaging is the curse of food shopping. Here is a solution that is so simple and obvious that it's audacious. Catherine Conway has set up a stall at an outdoor market where she sells affordable organic and fair trade dry foods such as nuts, grains, beans, rice, sugar and dried fruits. Unpackaged. You bring your own container or she will sell you a handy reusable one. That's it. When you run out, you come back for a refill. It is convenient, clean-looking( everything is displayed in stacked, clear containers) and stylish, as can be seen by her logo. She won a competition for young entrepreneurs with unique ethical business ideas and got six months training from experts and now she is expanding to a second locale in London. Mainly she is on a mission to change people's habits when it comes to "evil packaging". As she says: "While some packaging is recycled, most ends up in landfill sites and some packaging is just difficult and often impossible to recycle. Recycling is certainly part of the solution, but it will only work if we use less packaging in the first place and adopt more reusable ways of doing things- it is this ethos of reuse that Unpackaged is based on". Bravo. :: Unpackaged

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