University of New Hampshire Launches an EcoGastronomy Program

EcoGastronomy major University of New Hampshire

photo: University of New Hampshire

If only this major had been available when I was in college I would have paid a lot more attention in my classes. No, no I'm not saying that I have any regrets about my journalism degree but the idea of going to class everyday to study food and sustainability all in one major seems all too perfect for my gastronomically driven mind.

The University of New Hampshire has introduced a pioneering EcoGastronomy Program geared towards students that want to learn the art of the sustainable foods. Students will learn about this growing industry by heading to the farm, spending time in greenhouses, and drum roll please, heading to the University of Gastronomical Sciences in Italy to see this farm to fork industry firsthand. The program integrates sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition. The curriculum includes courses like Sustainable Food Production, Food and Society, and Nutrition in Health and Well Being.

Dan Winans, faculty coordinator for the EcoGastronomy program, explained in an article in the Washington Post that the program was inspired by a visit from Slow Food International founder Carlo Petrini.

In the intro course students show "different ways to look at food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture," says Winans. The program is part of an emerging student interest in local food traditions across the country, working to show students the connection between the food choices they make and how they affect both the community in which they live, and the rest of the world. This is no easy feat for a generation raised on Mickey D's.

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