UNESCO Masterpieces of Oral Heritage

With all the talk about consumption and the opportunity to meditate on the joys of a slow meal which Thanksgiving presents, we were hoping to report that UNESCO recognized food heritage for the first time in today's announcement of the third and probably last list of "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Mexico submitted an application, as reported at the Slow Food website, supporting their claim with the just assertion that Mexico's rich cuisine stems from "a complex cultural system of agricultural practices, traditions and symbolisms imbued with religious meaning and steeped in ritual". Unfortunately, Mexico's food culture did not meet UNESCO's standards. Perhaps the judges decided that any culture which can cook chicken with chocolate will probably survive without their support. And we can hope that a few more girls or boys are sitting at Grandma's knee learning the traditions of preparing food without a cuisineart than are joining the local folk iso-polyphony group. A few English, Taiwanese and Germans graced your intrepid reporter's Turkey Table, and we hope America's food heritage (whether Turkey or Tofukey) was similarly appreciated by friends and loved ones in your life. For the 43 masterpieces deemed in need of urgent safeguarding, see UNESCO's announcement.