UK Shoppers Throw Out 10% of Their Weekly Shop Uneaten

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From news that discarding food wastes more water than showering to the stunning revelation that half of all food produced globally goes uneaten, we're not short on statistics showing the profoundly unsustainable nature of our food waste problem. But here's another one courtesy of The Guardian, it seems that the average British shopper throws out 10% of all the groceries they buy each week:

The average British shopper estimates that they bin almost 10% of the food bought in their weekly shop, while 8% admit to throwing away as much as a quarter of their food on a regular basis, according to new research on Monday. Households could save £50 a month, or £12bn a year across the UK, by taking steps to tackle the growing problem of food waste. Yet nearly half (46%) admit that they do not know the correct way to store it safely. More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers claim they do not always plan their shopping trips by making a list or meal planning, but spontaneously decide what to buy in the store.

UK Shoppers Throw Out 10% of Their Weekly Shop Uneaten
British shoppers could save £50 a month if they served sensible portion sizes and learned to store their food safely.

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