UK Cereal Farmers Experiencing Driest Spell on Record

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Yesterday I wrote about the fact that it is dangerous to pin any one event or phenomenon on climate change. It's the trends you have to watch out for. So the fact that Scotland considered shipping water to drought-stricken England last year, and now The Guardian is reporting that cereal farmers in England are currently experiencing the driest spell on record, starts to look worrisome. Is this instance proof of climate change? Absolutely not. But it is one more data point among thousands that's consistent with predictions:

Records are tumbling across the east and south of the country for the driest spell since records began. Cambridge Botanical Gardens, for example, had the driest March (3mm) and April (1.7mm) since 1893, and had only recorded 3.5mm of rain in May until heavy showers yesterday. Cambridge's dire figures are typical of the main cereal growing regions of eastern and southern England, which is suffering a drought that, even if the weather changes, is going to severely affect yield.

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