Two Brothers with Two Buckets Take on World Hunger

A few weeks ago Daniel Vivarelli sent us a link to Global Buckets. and gushed about having come across "two young lads (brothers I believe) who have taken it upon themselves to cook up solutions for solving world hunger. WORLD FREAKIN' HUNGER ... I mean, no small challenge right? And they're onto an amazing solution."

The lads are 17 year old Grant Buster, and his 15 year old younger brother, Max. And their solution is two five gallon (20 litre) buckets set inside one another, to which they add some soil, water, bits of plastic pipe. and some strategically placed holes. Their system for food growing is said to reduce water usage between 50% and 80%, with a 100% reduction in weeds (and hence herbicides.) And they figure you can use it anywhere, from rooftops to industrial wastelands.

It's not often teenagers allocate their summer vacation to saving the world. Go guys!
Grant and Max freely acknowledge that they were inspired by the EarthBox planter (which we covered back in 2005, and again this year). But they wanted to develop a system that used locally sourced materials and required much less water and maintenance. They found that with their system they could reduce watering from 10 minutes a day to 20 minutes for the summer.

Yet even though they've developed a cheap, minimal maintenance food growing process the brother aren't content to rest on their laurels. Now they are researching, and experimenting with, systems that even reduce the use of 20 litre tubs, because these are considered very valuable by remote communities in developing countries.

The world need more teenagers (and humans) with the verve, imagination and compassion exhibited by Grant and Max Buster. As tipster Daniel Vivarelli said, "These two kids are amazing. Blew me away."


They call their venture Global Buckets. Pay them a visit.

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