Two Angry Moms Taking on School Lunch

"Never doubt that two angry moms can change the world..." OK, so that's not how that quote goes, but if Amy Kalafa and Susan Rubin have their way, no one will ever doubt that two angry moms can have a big impact on the food school kids eat at lunch and snack time. Frustrated by the overly-processed food their own children ate at school, and by the lack of response they received when trying to address these issues with local administrators, Amy and Susan joined forces (Amy's a filmmaker; Susan's a health counselor) and decided to make a movie:
Armed with a movie camera, Amy and Susan will visit school cafeterias to see what's on the menu and what the kids are eating. They'll speak to food service vendors, teachers, health experts, politicians and parents as well as officials from the USDA and the FDA. They'll analyze the contents of various school lunches, compare costs and nutrition with a whole foods meal, and offer examples and workable alternatives. They’ll focus on exactly what has gone wrong with our School Lunch Program and demonstrate strategies for overcoming roadblocks and getting real food into school cafeterias.
While making the film, the Two Angry Moms have discovered a number of innovative programs to feed student with healthy, locally-produced fresh food. Connecticut's Unquowa School, for instance, has worked to develop a program of fresh, locally-produced and organic foods in their lunch room. Renegade Lunch Lady Chef Ann Cooper moved the Bridgehampton (NY) Public School District away from food that comes directly out of plastic to food that comes directly out of a garden. And Chef Tony Geraci, Food Services Director of the South Meadow School in Peterborough, NH (in PDF), implemented a "Farms to Cafeteria" program, and also involved students in creating meals that they wanted to eat made from fresh, local food.

Website visitors can watch film clips from the forthcoming movie about each of these unique school lunch programs. The movie is only half the story, though, as Amy and Susan want to join forces with other concerned mothers and citizens around the country to address the poor quality of so much of the food schools serve to their students. Those interested in supporting their efforts can donate money or frequent flyer miles, and sign up for the Two Angry Moms email list. ::Two Angry Moms via Getcha Grub On