Turtle Mountain Ice Cream - Organic and Vegetarian


"Please, more posts like this one that focus on these incredibly important issues and less coverage on the more trivial type of topics (i.e. the latest brand of organic ice cream, etc.)" Awww. That's a shame, because I was also sitting on this post about, well, ... er ... organic ice cream. Dairy-free, organic, soy-based, ice cream to boot. Yeh, I know this product ain't gonna help the folk in Africa directly, but TreeHugger's basic premise is that by showcasing greener, more just products and services, we can convince people that small steps are important and achievable. Healthier soil and less dairy can be part of those steps. Especially if it is packaged under enticements like Cherry Nirvana, Chocolate Brownie Almond, Cookie Avalanche or Swinging Anna Banana. (Though we are disappointed that that last one doesn't contain any real banana, just 'natural flavour'.) Oh, and your indulgence will at least provide some funds for the Sea Turtle Restoration Project. But, yes, we agree — there are bigger fish to fry than organic ice cream. Still, even the most fervent activist started with modest first steps, or slurps. ::Turtle Mountain.

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