Turns out that hippie diet really was good for you...

All of that brown rice you ate back on the commune was not only good for you because of its fibre, but also because of the rice bran oil in the husks. A recent study showed that a form of Vitamin E, tocotrienols(TRF) extracted from rice bran oil, lowered total cholesterol levels by 10% and LDL ("bad") cholesterols by 26%.

Researchers were looking for natural ways (besides diet and exercise) to reduce cholesterol levels without resorting to statin drugs, which are expensive and have side effects. While Vitamin E mega-supplements are off the menu, they found that low doses of Rice Bran Oil TRF's were very effective.

In Japan, potato chips, rice crackers and even french fries are fried in rice bran oil. Can they actually be good for you? Off to Sanko, our local Japanese dispensary, for a bag of shrimp chips! ::Eurekalert by [LA]