Turn an Old Bathtub Into a Potato Planter

Photo Credit: Laura Watts, Cubits Organic Living.

Potatoes are easy to grow, IF they have enough room and plenty of deep, loose soil to grow in. If you don't have great soil (or any soil at all, for that matter) here's a great idea: turn an old bathtub into a potato planter!One of my friends on Twitter (@Cubits -- also one of my favorite organic, heirloom seed sellers, by the way) wrote a great post about how she grows potatoes in her garden. She uses several methods, but my favorite was a photo she posted of potatoes growing in an old clawfoot bath tub.

I love this idea. The reuse of something as awesome as an old cast iron clawfoot tub is great in and of itself. But using the huge amount of space and generous depth of the tub to grow edibles in --- perfection. Laura mentions that she's growing beans and greens in the tub this year -- a great idea because you don't want to grow the same thing in it year after year, or you'll be dealing with pest and disease issues.

Great, simple idea for reusing something in the garden!

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