Tully's Switches Over to Compostable Coffee Cups


Tully's Coffee is now the first major coffee retailer to use a fully renewable and compostable paper cup for its hot beverages.

With its use of International Paper's Ecotainer Hot Cup, which is lined with a bioplastic made from corn, rather than a petrochemical one, Tully's has also simultaneously launched an in-store collection program to divert the used cups and other compostable food waste to organic composting facilities, rather than losing them to the landfill. The cup is the only commercially available 100 percent compostable hot cup certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, a press release states. (No mention of whether the cups are now made of post-consumer recycled content, however; last we heard, they weren't, which really takes the "Eco" out of the "Ecotainer.")

In contrast, Starbucks underwhelmed us when it announced with much pomp that its cups would feature 10 percent recycled materials.

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