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Straight from Minnesota comes Prairie Organic Vodka, made from a coop of over 900 farmers "who share ownership of the brand." Prairie describes their vodka as "beautifully smooth. With hints of melon and pear on the nose, creaminess on the palette, and a bright smooth finish " What is organic about Prairie Vodka?

The #2 yellow corn is organic, and, "the growing process cannot use genetically modified seeds, artificial fertilizers, hormones, weed controllers, or pesticides." In fact, Prairie states that this method costs more than twice the normal method used by conventional farmers. The distillery itself also has Oregon Tilth organic certification, meaning every step in the distillation process has passed strict requirements for organic production.

All "garbage" corcobs are turned into biogas for powering the stills, and any leftover grains are returned to the farmers for livestock feed. The vodka is also certified kosher by the The Orthodox Union, with the understanding that once a product is certified kosher, it will adhere to those standards throughout its lifetime of production.

Prairie Organic Vodka Online And Around Town

Okay so the entry page of the website is a little creepy with that GIANT buffalo staring you down, and snorting, don't let that slow you down. Plus, after a few screwdrivers, you just might find that buffalo funny. For that matter, the whole site is a trip and completely entertaining, in and of itself. *Note: You must be of legal drinking age to enter the site. It comes complete with some new recipes that sound pretty tempting.

Prairie Organic won 4 awards at the 2008 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Awards, including top prize. While there is no "definitive" evidence [] that organic alcohols are better than conventional, however limiting pesticides and toxic chemicals during production is certainly better for the earth.

The vodka is distilled in Benson, Minnesota, and bottled by Phillips & Co in Princeton, MN. Phillips is a family-owned distillery with one of the first worker profit-sharing plans in the country dating back to 1944.

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