Trueman Totally Trashes Times's Tierney

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We have made our own comments about John Tierney's recent fishwrap fodder; Food writer Kerry Trueman one-ups us with a hat trick- "I've barely got enough digits to count the noxious "let's not save the planet" columns that John Tierney, Stanley Fish, and Stephen J. Dubner have tossed off in recent weeks like rancid croutons."

She reiterates the point that one cannot compare greenhouse tomatoes or lettuce to field-grown that is trucked in: "Ah yes, the old greenhouse red herring. Locavores don't advocate buying out-of-season lettuce grown in a greenhouse--the whole point of being a locavore is that you base your diet as much as possible on what's in season in your region. As for inhospitable environments, is there a horticultural zone anywhere in America where you can't grow lettuce in the spring or fall?"Kerry concludes:

"With the exception of a few palate-challenged columnists, nearly everybody--rich or poor, urban or rural, liberal or conservative--can taste the difference between a freshly picked, locally grown tomato and the wan, flavorless kind you find at the supermarket. Factor in rising fuel costs, food safety fears, and the yearning to preserve open space, and you've got a movement that's picking up steam--and passengers. Rich folks are hiring edible landscapers, small-scale farmers are thriving , and the rest of us are flocking to greenmarkets and planting our own veggie gardens. A handful of knee-jerk naysayers at the Times can't derail this local train." ::Huffington Post

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