TRU Organic Vodka Plants a Tree For Every Bottle Purchased

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All those parties, along with that sometimes trying time with your family can amount to some over indulgence. If you're gonna have a drink of two, why not choose a bottle that plants a tree for every purchase? TRU Organic Vodka promises to plant a tree for every purchase. Working with organizations like Sustainable Harvest International, the company plants a tree for every bottle of TRU purchased.

Other TRU Organic Green Features
According to TRU Organic, at 620 grams, the bottles use 25 percent less glass than the average spirit bottle. Labels are printed on corn fiber with soy-based inks. The company also uses recyclable synthetic corks.

The company also boasts that packaging boxes simply fold on themselves, eliminating packing tape and incorporating 35 percent post-consumer waste. The company prints marketing materials on various tree-free or recycled stocks and uses vegetable inks whenever possible.

Do the Math
According to TRU Organic, if you buy six cases for a party, that’s 36 trees. Thirty six trees can remove up to 1,800 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere each year when mature, the equivalent of two months of average driving!

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