TreeHugger Visits Mixt Greens, San Francisco


Last week, we traveled to San Francisco and had the opportunity to visit some of our favorite spots. One of them, Mixt Greens, hooked us up with a behind the scenes tour and a couple of salads to taste test. We knew the spot had been a popular one since it opened last year, but we were very impressed by not only the number of folks that lined up for their fresh salads, but also the positive things they had to say. After speaking with Chef Andrew Swallow, TreeHugger was able to scope out the new restaurant that will be opening just a few blocks down from their current one. Why so close? Chef Swallow says that it will attract a different part of the downtown crowd. The new location is a bit larger but will stick with green building practices and, of course, only the finest ingredients for their local and organic lunches. Stay tuned, we have a feeling that Mixt Greens isn’t going to stop here. ::Mixt Greens

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